Core aeration is one of the most crucial lawn care services that you need to schedule every single year to boost the health of your lawn in Minnesota. This service involves pulling plugs of soil from the ground to alleviate soil compaction and make it easier for nutrients, water, air, sunlight, and nutrients to reach the roots of your grass. When you don't aerate your lawn, the soil will stay compacted, and your grass can become weak because the roots may be unable to access the resources it needs to thrive. For the best results, you should schedule this service twice per year, once in the spring to prep your lawn for the summer and again in the fall to get it in prime shape for the winter season.

What is core aeration?

Core aeration is a lawn care service that is designed to address soil compaction. It involves pulling plugs of soil from the ground to loosen hard, compacted soil and create passageways where nutrients, water, air, and sunlight can pass through to reach the roots of your lawn. Allowing these essential resources to reach the roots with ease allows your lawn to grow stronger, so it can better fight off stressors. Aerating your lawn also helps control thatch build-up to give it some breathing room and promotes the development of deep, strong roots, which is crucial in maintaining an overall robust lawn.

What happens if you skip core aeration?

Aerating your lawn should be done every year to ensure its healthy growth. Over the course of the year, things like foot traffic, rainfall, and the weight of lawn mowers can quickly compact the soil and make it hard for your lawn to access the nutrients it needs to thrive. If you skip core aeration, your soil will stay compacted, and essential nutrients and resources will be unable to penetrate the ground and reach the roots of our grass.

If the roots of your grass are not receiving the nutrients and resources that they need, your lawn will struggle to grow. As a result, your lawn can become weak and vulnerable to lawn diseases and insect infestations. The grass blades can even turn brown when they don't receive the nutrients that keep them green and beautiful.

Aerating your lawn every year boosts lawn fertilization treatments by allowing your grass to maximize the nutrients from the fertilizer.

When should you have your lawn aerated?

Lawn aeration can be an invasive process, so it should only be scheduled when your lawn is strong enough to endure the process. To get the best results, you should have your lawn aerated in the spring and fall. Cool-season lawns are their strongest when the temperatures are cool, so they'll be strong enough to endure the aeration process during these seasons.

Aerating your lawn in the spring gives your grass leverage to absorb the nutrients that it needs to establish a solid foundation for healthy growth. This way, your grass can become strong enough to withstand the approaching hot summer season. Meanwhile, aerating in the fall helps your lawn absorb and store nutrients so it has enough to feed off of throughout the winter season. Scheduling a core aeration service bi-annually will result in overall stronger and healthier grass that can stay green and lush throughout the year!

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