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Hands holding soil and sprouting plant in Mankato, MN.

LawnCrafters Customer Reviews

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Andy and his team do wonderful work!! They have provided our lawn, sprinkler, and snow removal needs for both personal and our commercial needs. They also, last fall, did a complete facelift on our landscaping--turned out amazing! Thank you

Brooke O.

For someone who has a very busy life and really doesn't have time to take care of my lawn care (or snow removal) I know that with a quick call I can trust that when I get home, everything will be taken care of!

Nicole L.

We have done alot of work with Lawncrafters, Andy provides phenomenal customer service and stands behind his products and work. We would highly recommend them!

Jordan S.

Their mosquito spraying is the best money you'll spend on your yard all summer. I barely saw a single mosquito for the rest of the year after having it done.

Wes G.

I submitted a question on their website asking about blowing out my irrigation system. They replied immediately!! They do not offer that service but referred me to someone who does, including their phone number. Thats what I call customer service!!!

Nancy L.

Exceptional Service in lawn care and snow removal. Very Professional people performing the work at a great price!

Kate B.