If you have patchy areas across your lawn in Minnesota, then overseeding is just what you need to fill them in with new grass growth! However, once the seeds have been spread, you'll need to wait about 2-4 weeks until you mow because they need time to germinate and establish roots. It's also important to ensure the new grass is at least three inches tall before you go ahead and mow to avoid stressing it out. Additionally, when you do, you'll want to set the deck height of your lawn mower to its highest setting and follow the 1/3 rule when cutting your lawn.

You should wait 2-4 weeks after overseeding to mow your lawn.

Different types of seeds have various germination and growth times; some may take longer to yield new grass, while others may grow quicker. Because of this, you should wait 2-4 weeks after overseeding to mow your lawn. The new seedlings need this time to establish themselves in the soil without any disruptions. If you mow too soon after overseeding, you could hinder their growth and get less-than-ideal results. So, it's best to be patient and wait until the seeds have had ample time to germinate and develop strong roots in the soil. This way, they can withstand mowing without sustaining any damage!

During the four weeks following overseeding, you'll want to follow a strict watering schedule to ensure the seeds have enough water for successful germination.

It's best to wait until the new grass is about three inches tall before you mow.

Before you go out to mow your lawn after overseeding, you'll want to check how tall the new grass is. Ideally, it should be about three inches tall before you cut it. Mowing too early or while the grass is still short can stress it out and negatively impact its health and development. Because of this, it's important to wait until it has grown enough to handle being mowed.

For the first mow after overseeding, set the deck height to its highest setting and follow the 1/3 rule.

Once the appropriate time has passed since overseeding your lawn, you can mow it. However, before you start, there are some things that you'll want to make sure you do first. For one thing, you will want to set the deck height of your lawn mower to its highest setting to ensure you don't cut off too much of the new grass. You should also follow the 1/3 rule, which means you don't cut more than 1/3 off the top of the grass blades. Taking off more than this can put unnecessary stress on your lawn and leave it susceptible to stressors. By following the 1/3 rule and setting your mower's deck height to the highest setting, you can rest assured that you'll get the best results!

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