As the warm summer season ends and the cool temperatures of fall start settling in, you want to ensure your grass in Minnesota continues to receive everything it needs to grow strong. That's why you need to apply lawn fertilization and weed control treatments in the fall! Lawn fertilizers contain essential nutrients that will help your grass recover from the summer and gear up for the winter season. Meanwhile, applying post-emergent weed control treatments will get rid of pesky weeds so they can't steal the nutrients from your grass. To ensure these lawn care treatments are applied correctly, hire professionals to administer them!

Fertilizing your lawn in the fall helps it recover from summer and prepare for winter.

Fall is a great time to fertilize your grass because it is just coming out of the stressful summer season and is about to enter dormancy in the winter. Fertilizers contain essential nutrients that play a crucial role in bolstering your lawn's overall health and vigor. By giving your grass a boost of these nutrients in the fall, it will have the vital resources that it needs to recover from any stress or damage it endured during summer. Replenishing your lawn's nutrient supply will allow it to focus on growing vigorously in the fall when conditions are ideal for maximum growth.

What's more, a fall fertilizer treatment is one of the most effective ways to prepare your lawn for winter dormancy. When your lawn is dormant, it will be unable to grow or produce its own food through photosynthesis. By fertilizing your grass in the fall, it will have enough nutrients to feed off of while it is dormant!

Fertilizing your grass in the fall will help it bounce back quicker in the spring.

Use Weed Control Treatments in the Fall to Get Rid of Nutrient-Stealing Weeds

Aside from providing your grass with sufficient nourishment in the fall through fertilizer treatments, you should also ensure it has an optimal defense against weeds. These sneaky plants are relentless in competing with your grass for nutrients and space. That's where post-emergent weed control treatments come in. Make sure you administer a post-emergent treatment on your lawn in the fall to eliminate existing weeds on your lawn. By eliminating existing weeds, your grass won't have to compete with them for nutrients and resources, and will be better equipped to absorb everything they need to thrive!

Hire lawn care professionals to ensure your lawn fertilization and weed control treatments are effective.

Lawn fertilization and weed control are crucial lawn care treatments that will set up your turf for success. However, it's very easy to make a mistake when you try to apply them yourself. That's why it's best to hire lawn care professionals to administer the treatments! They have the training and experience to ensure they are applied correctly and at the right times to achieve the best results. Pros know how much fertilizer to apply for optimum nourishment and will use the right type of weed control to effectively kick the weeds out of your lawn!

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