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Take Pride in Your Lawn

Mowing your lawn at the right time involves several factors, including grass height, amount of moisture in the ground, grass quality, air temperature, and frequency of maintenance. Every lawn mowing includes complete mowing of the property, string trimming around edging, trees, posts, etc., plus power blow removal of freshly cut grass from paved and non-desirable areas.



Your lawn is the face of your home or business, often being the first interaction guests have with your property. Make the right first impression with a beautifully crafted lawn. We work with you to set the right schedule and treatment plan to have a lovely, luscious lawn. 



Trimming the lawn (around buildings, flower beds, fences, etc.) can turn a nice lawn into a beautiful lawn, giving you that nice clean professional look. Trimming also removes grass from areas that are more difficult for the mower access such as steeper slopes.



Edging will make your lawn the envy of your neighborhood! Proper edged sidewalks, driveways and street curbs give your lawn ad added touch of class. LawnCrafters uses walk behind power edgers to give you the straightest most professional edging possible.


Weed Control & Fertilization 

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Dethatching is the method of removing thatch build up from just above the soil of the lawn to allow sunlight, moisture, oxygen and fertilizers reach the grass shoots and the soil. Thatch build up is un-decomposed dead grass stems and roots together with other debris above the soil creating a barrier that reduces the rate of absorption of many nutrients. Thatch can also encourage disease and harbor insects. While thatch is a normal process for lawns, extreme build up is a common problem and can easily be detected by the professionals at LawnCrafters of Mankato.


Core Aeration

Aerating your lawn is one of the single best ways to improve the overall health of the lawn. Core aeration removes “plugs” or small cores from the turf, which break back down after a week or so. These plugs encourage microbial decomposition of undisturbed thatch to help accelerate thatch breakdown. These plugs help revive compacted soil and completely puncture thatch build up in concentrated areas.

Aeration allows oxygen, water, fertilizer and sunlight to enter the turf and reach the root system to improve root health and encourage expansion and growth. Aeration can be done anytime the lawn is soft and in an active state of growth (typically end of spring or right away in the fall) and here at LawnCrafters of Mankato we recommend aerating on an annual basis to consistently encourage healthy root development and a healthy lawn.


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